The Challenge to a Sexy Body

I am slightly overweight…at least I have been lying to myself for quite a while about only “slightly” overweight.  But let start with measurable things that I want to decrease and how I plan on doing it.

fitness exercise plan dream body

Date: June 6, 2012
BMI (Body Mass Index): 24.1
% Fat: 28.2%

Well…my goal is

Date: September 1, 2012
BMI: 20.5
% Fat: 24%

How am I going to achieve that?

  • 30 minutes cardio + 30 minutes weight training per day (5 days a week)
  • Yoga class (1 hour; once a week)
  • Conscious about what I eat (but not counting calories)
  • Drink 6 glasses of macha green tea every day

So far, I have kept up yoga and regular workout for 8 days (with two break days).  Today, I did cardio + weight training, detailed below:

  • Cardio (treadmill)
    • 5 minutes @ 3.0mph with 10% incline
    • 20 minutes @ 4.0mph with 10% incline
    • 5 minutes @ 3.5mph with 0% incline
    • 3 minutes @ 3.0mph with 0% incline
  • Weights (3-pound dumbbell)
    • pile with bicep curls X 10 reps
    • forward lounge with triceps kickbacks X 8 reps
    • squats with eagle arms X 8 reps
    • balanced back kick X 10
    • cross backward lounge X 10 reps

After the cardio, my shins were burning (and it’s now sore). After weight training, my butt and  hamstrings are really feeling it.


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