Week 1: No More Muffin Tops

No more love handles!! I will look good in anything I wear.  I will have awesome curves.  I will work it RAWRRR!!

I started with the .
Follwed by repeating the routine below 3 times.

No More Muffin Tops 30 Minutes Routine

Image Source: Bodybuilder.com
Words Edited by Jenny Hwang

And soon I shall achieve a sexy waistline (or be really sore trying)!!


4 thoughts on “Week 1: No More Muffin Tops

    • Lying flat on your back.
      Raise both your feet toward the sky (or ceiling).
      Kick up until your butt leaves the ground. That’s one.
      Lower your legs to hover 1-inch off the ground. Repeat.
      Let’s work it! Good luck!!!

    • Russian twists: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wNNCQj2mV4 This is a very instructional video of Russian twists that I found on Youtube. To make it harder (I really like to feel the pain), lean back more. I do these with my back 50-60 degrees to the floor. To protect the lower back from getting hurt, make sure the back is straight. (I highly suggest a mirror)

      Oblique V-up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXa8d5kYqAI
      Make sure one of the butt cheeks is off the floor. Don’t worry about getting the arms to touch legs or over the hip. Think straight up! In this position, reaching up (with either the elbow if you hand is behind your head or a straight arm pointing up) uses more muscles and creates more burn.

      Good luck!!

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