The Half and Half Rule

A diet about drinking lots of half and half milk?  No, not at all.  My half and half weight loss diet is just a simple rule of thumb to portion your food and avoid over eating.  [Because…really…I don’t weigh my food nor have time to calculate calories]

Half and Half Rule: Eat half of your normal portion every meal and take half of your normal bite size every bite.

This rule targets two of my biggest problem: eating too much and eating too fast.  I always feel incline to fill up my plates and finish what’s on my plate.  Now I still fill up my plate and then move half of the food  into a tupperware (for the next meal or tomorrow’s lunch).  Same thing can be done in a restaurant and just ask for a to-go box.   If you are like me, you always need to feel full/stuffed after a meal.  This will be hard to get used to in the first place.  So you don’t have to start with half…you can move 1/3 first and eat the rest 2/3.  And just work your way down to eating only half of the food.

The second problem, eating too fast, is really closely tied with overeat.  The brain needs certain time to react in order to tell you that you are full.  Eating too fast doesn’t give the brain a chance to say stop before it’s too late!  So take half a bite of something and set the utensil down.  Chew and savor the food.  Talk to friends or daydream about the future sexy lean body.  Swallow food.  Then take another half a bite of food.  I find this effectively slow down my eating pace, so the half portion is enough to satiate my appetite.

Try it!!  And let me know what you think.


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