Workout VS. Diet : The Different Mentality in Weight Loss

Soo…turns out I am very horrible at keeping up and posting my workouts.  I do apologize!! *frantically bowing*

But in three weeks, I have lost…(drum roll please)…5 pounds and 2% of body fat!  That’s a quarter of my goal.

Strong toned healthy body is the new sexy

Image source: Pinterest

Well, now that the number talks are out of the way.  I just want to share something that I have realized today–working out is a good mental cycle for weight loss!  I will explain what I mean by this with a little personal background.

For a very long time, I believed Barbie skinny is sexy.  I have tried everything to achieve that.  For a period of time, I was not eating at all.  Then I tried eating only certain food (like eating just celery all day).  I tried diet pills, cleansing diet, and even acupuncture.  Yet the only time I stopped worrying about my weight was when I regularly went to the gym.  And somehow, I forgot about that…until today.

For me, it’s a focus-shift.  I am aiming for different goals when I workout.  It’s not so much about the number on a scale or a number on the nutrition fact label.  At the gym, it is all about how many reps I can push myself to do, how many miles can I run today, or how flexible and strong I can be.  The numbers stop mattering.  And when I finish a workout, just right before the shower, I look at my naked self in the mirror.  I stop seeing the fat hanging here and there and start noticing what muscles I developed.  Not that the fat stops existing, my focus just shifts.  So that’s a powerful re-enforcement for me to work harder, to push my physical limits, and to make sure every workout burns!!

I am not saying that you can go workout and pig out at KFC.  I still watch what I eat, but I don’t get hung up on the numbers.  Losing 5 pounds is great, but seeing my arms and legs more toned is just FANTASTIC!  So…get busy, work it, push your limit, and notice the difference!!


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