A little bit about the bride to be (a.k.a me)
Do-It-Yourself (DIY) lover/amateur.  Fitness enthusiast (been over weight since college, so guess that makes me weight loss fanatic too =P ).  Skin care and beauty consultant.  Food-lover (explains the over weight part).  Bride-to-be.

About this blog
I want to record my path: weight-loss goals, steps, and accomplishments; preparation for the wedding; thoughts here and there.

About contents in this blog
For the fitness and skincare portions, I compiled my personal knowledge, experiences, and many articles that I have read into this blog.  I will caption source of photos (and note whether or not I have edited them).  Although these blog posts are written in my own words, I do not claim all the ideas.  I will try my best to compile my sources at the end of each blog, but please remind me if I do forget to quote you.

For the craft and food portions, please do ask for permission before using any of my photos.  Most of my inspirations are from Pinterest and I will quote the sources accordingly.


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